Film Review

IMG_5125This is a movie based on a popular fairy tale about an evil queen put on a curse in order to revenge the king who cut off her wings and betrayed her after many friends of friendships. However, she started to change her mind after spent many years with the princess. And she thinks she will restore the place to peace again.

My Foundation CIT Lesson

In CIT lessons, I learn fundamental computer skweek 5(1)ills like Word and Excel, which are both very important and useful in the business world. Because Excel and Word are being used by many companies, I need to learn a lot of knowledge and skills about that.

When I was a IGCSE student, I had ICT lessons in four terms, that was so hard to understand to me because I never learn that before. I needed to learn
Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access at that time, now I just need to learn Word and Excel, this also shows me that week 5(2)Word and Excel is very important and this term is easier. However, I have learned a new and interesting thing which is Blog in this term. I enjoy that is because I know how to create a wonderful personal Blog finally. Whereas that also is the only problem I have got in CIT, there are too many new functions I need to learn and it is very different to the things that I learned before.

The teacher now I have who is the same person taught me when I was in IGCSE. That is very good for my study because we understand each other.

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My foundation English lessen

    Now English class is a important lesson for me because I need enough high marks for my IELTS to university, that is the most significant mark in all of my marks. That is the main reason why I need to learn more and increase my marks in English class.

    Academic English is the genre of English used in the world of research, study, teaching and universities. But general English means the non-technical and non-specialized English. The similarity of them is they are all being used for communication. But general English is easier to understand and the words of academic English are usually longer and more difficult to remember. What I have enjoyed in English lesson is that I can get one more language for making international friends. But I also have got some problem in grammar that is very hard for me to remember them, because Chinese grammar has a lot of differences with English grammar.

    The only part I need to know more which is the grammar. Like I just talk about, the grammar is a big problem to me so I need and want to know more about it. And my teacher always help me to solve the problem and teach me more about the grammar.

The main subject I study

Now I am doing foundation business in Bellerbys, my main subjects are economics and business, the reason why I chose this course that I want to be a entrepreneur when I graduated from the university.

From beginning to now, I have understood so many knowledge about business that I even did not know before, for example, I know how to draw a break-even point graph and I also know what does it shows to me. But I still got some difficult questions in economics, which is about the unemployment and employment. I cannot find out what would cause them increase or decrease and when.

The knowledge I need and want to know more about which are the graphs and the formulas in economics, they might be easy to understand but it is too much and too hard to remember. And the teachers would like to make us understand and use that, not just remember it.

Studying stylein my country and in the UK

I am from China where is a country with the highest population, that is the reason why we have got a large class size in China. In my previous junior high school there are nearly seventy students in a class. The teachers usually cannot make all students understand the knowledge in a lessen so the teachers usually just teach the good students. But that is different in the UK. I have a smaller class in the UK, there are just eleven person in my class, and the teachers have enough time to teach us and they love to do that.

In China, we always got a lot of homework, we spent nearly all of time to do that, maybe we do not have time to play together but we still have friendship, in the UK that is same, we like each other, help each other whether in class or outside class. But in the UK the workload is very different to the Chinese one, I have got less in Britain now. About the expectations from the parents I think that should be same in anywhere, so that is no different between in the UK and China.

First impressions of the UK

image1Three years ago I traveled to the UK that was my first time to go to the UK. When I got off the plane I felt freezing the reason why I felt so cold like that my hometown is in the south of China there was warm in whole year. My first impressions of the UK was amazed, everything was making me agree the British people are very literate and polite increasingly.

I started to study in the UK two years ago, that also was my first time had been to Brighton and the first impressions of it was distinctive, I saw many different and new things here.

I heard a lot of people said the British people are very good at managing the businesses so I always want to learn the business management at university, that is my favourite subject. Because my father is a property developer I learnt some knowledge about business, it makes me more and more wanting to starting up my own business and run it better and better.

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